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About Tutoruu

Tutoruu is a tutoring network that connects undergraduate students, looking to get course-specific support, with high-achieving peers who have aced that course in the past.

Developed by a small team of undergraduate students, our vision is to form communities of support within university campuses.

You can find the full list of universities we’re operating in here

Our Philosophy

Universities can be pressuring environments, and studying can often become anxiety-inducing. Tutoruu strives to redefine how we perceive success; deconstructing asking for help, talking about money, and sharing our individual struggles sits at the core of our company.

Our Story

Seif Amr, CEO, and Youssef Abdelhamid, CPO, founded Tutoruu after sharing with one another how intensely they were struggling in their courses, but had no effective, convenient, or accessible options to get help.

In looking for support, they turned to professors, teaching assistants, and even tutoring centers, but these avenues failed to offer full understanding of students struggles.

“To start, my goal was to empower friends that were struggling financially to tutor, and students that struggle with academics to get the help they need. I shared a pitch with Seif and ever since then we’ve been working on making university life a little easier.” — Youssef

“University life has become an extremely competitive arena, it has transitioned from a place where students come to learn to a place where students feel stressed and intimidated. And well… this sucks!

When Youssef and I started working on Tutoruu, we wanted to normalize the concept of asking for help. From the other hand, we wanted to normalize students getting paid to help one another. We as students, need support in our academics and usually need extra cash to go on with our social life.

In short, the complimentary needs of students in Uni life is what gave birth to Tutoruu. The tremendous change that we have seen coming out of students helping one another was far beyond what we have expected, and I hold immense pride in that.” — Seif

❤️ كله بالحب

Students backed by giants

We have partnered with several organizations, incubators, and programs that are almost as passionate about empowering students as us 😉

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